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Stephen Dale‘s insight:

I’ve kept track of the various iterations of Brian Solis’s Conversation Prism since he first made this available (Version 1) in 2008. This is the latest version (Version 4) which reflects some of the consolidation and disappearance of some brands since the last version. From the article:

“For those unfamiliar with The Conversation Prism, it is an evolving infographic that captures the state of social media, organized by how important social networks are used by professional and everyday consumers. It was created to serve as a visual tool for brands to consider unforeseen opportunities through a holistic lens. Over the years, it has served as a business tool as well as art decorating the walls and screens of offices, conference halls, and also homes.

The Conversation Prism was designed to help strategists see the bigger picture in the evolution of social media beyond the most popular and trendy sites. It is intended to help in a number of ways…

1. As a form of validation to show executives that social media is not a fad and that it’s bigger thanFacebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest.

2. To motivate teams to find new ways to think about social media and explore new ways to improve experiences and relationships.

3. Provide a top-level view to help strategists study the landscape as they plan their next social media strategy.”

It is provided as a free download in many sizes and shapes here.

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How effective are you at multi-tasking?

We all do it, and some say that women can do it better than men. Yes, multi-tasking. There has doubtless been some empirical research on this topic, but if you’d prefer a more engaging way of discovering the truth or otherwise of who’s best at multitasking, as opposed to reading a dry academic paper, then check out this neat interactive Infographic from the folk over at OpenSite. They describe the test as follows:

If you’re like most people, you probably find yourself doing two things at once pretty regularly—talking on the phone while reading an email, skyping relatives as you cook dinner, munching on toast as you commute to work; the multitasking in your life can seem both unavoidable and necessary if you want to get everything done. However, even though everyone multitasks, very few people seem to realize that, in fact, your brain isn’t as efficient in multitasking as it seems. The reality is, everyone’s brain slows down considerably when trying to juggle multiple tasks—and some people’s brains slow down much more than others. If you really think your multitasking skills are a cut above the rest, the only way to know for sure is to see how your brain’s speed compares to that of other multitaskers. When people talk about “multitasking,” what’s really being referred to is one’s ability to switch between different activities, as well as juggling multiple actions at one time. So how can these things be efficiently measured? With a multitask test of course. Test your tasking abilities and see how they stack up against others: Check out the following interactive multitasking exercise, and see how well your brain performs when it juggles multiple tasks—your results could surprise you!

Try it out and see your test results while contributing to the overall data. Probably best to do this whilst sober so not to bring the averages down!

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Power To The Online People

If the 20th century was the industrial age, then surely the 21st century will be considered as the “knowledge age”. The Internet has revolutionised the way that work gets done, how we communicate, how we socialise, how we learn. It has providing unparalleled opportunities for connecting, collaborating and sharing knowledge. It has shaped key events that have affected the lives of millions of people through the power of mass collaboration and access to instant information.

This infographic shows some of the events in our recent history that have been influenced by an increasingly connected world, where shared knowledge and a common cause has delivered power to the (online) people!
Power To The Online People

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