Is your mobile phone killing you?

I think we all know how pervasive the mobile phone has become in our everyday lives. That feeling of anxiety if we haven’t got it in our pocket; being out of touch or disconnected. The need to frequently check if we’ve received a new email or text. However, even I was surprised by some of the statistics revealed in this Infographic.

  • 43% of iPhone users would go without shoes for a week rather than temporarily be without the phone
  • 73% of people sleep with the smarphone on their bed
  • The average person checks their phone 150 times per day
  • 53% feel anxiety if they run out of battery or credit or have no network coverage.

There’s also the problem of “nomophobia” (no mobile phone phobia) – fear of losing your phone. Not sure what treatment is available for this 🙂

I was also unaware that some companies (Microsoft and Apple are mentioned) that encourage tech-free getaways to resorts prohibiting technology. Wether or not the delegates benefit from the experience or return from their break as quivering heaps, with symptoms of nomophobia is anyone’s guess!

I think you can’t go too far wrong with the mantra “everything in moderation” – whether that’s food or mobile phones. But no doubt we’ll soon see the first clinics and treatments for mobile phone addiction springing up – or maybe they already have?

Cell Phones Kill
Created by: Online Masters Degree

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