New Facebook application – Blog Friends

New Facebook application – Blog Friends


Just picked this up from Euan Semple’s blog – a new Facebook application called Blog
  lets you track blog posts by your Facebook friends on topics that interest you, and displays those posts on your Facebook profile while they help you grow your blog readership for you in return.  Cool.

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  1. Jeff, I attend for both resnoas, but more for networking. What I do find though is that I make some of my best new connections, by attending education classes. If it is an interactive session, I tend to gain respect for the comments and questions coming from the audience and/or presenters. Growing and maintaining professional relationships is everything to my business.While attending TS2 a couple weeks ago, my best new connections were made on 1) a bus ride and 2) in roundtable discussions.Bottom line, when quality people are attending, education tends to be better to meet the needs of those participants. You need the audience to help raise the bar.

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